Dario dario

28. July 2023

The Dwarf Badis, also called Scarlet, has transformed itself from the highly paid sensation of the year 2000 to the always available classic in aquaristics. It originates from northern India (North Bengal), where it inhabits clear, moderately flowing waters with sandy bottoms and rich underwater plant growth at the foot of the Himalayas.

In terms of care, Dario dario is very undemanding as far as water values (any tap water suitable as drinking water is accepted) and temperature (between 16 and 28°C) are concerned, but it does not eat dry food. Frozen food is accepted without problems, but live food is much preferred by the cute animal, which grows only 2-3 cm long. It is best to keep the little jewels in a group of 10-20 specimens, whereby the gender is irrelevant. This way animals are constantly visible and interact with each other without hurting or seriously mobbing each other. 

Dwarf Badis, unlike the representatives of the genus Badis, do not engage in brood care. In an aquarium that is densely planted and where live food is given, young usually come up all by themselves from time to time to maintain the population.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer