Datnioides campbelli

25. August 2023

Among lovers of large, predatory fish, the species of the genus Datnioides (formerly: Coius) enjoy great popularity. They are calm, expressive fish that, after a sometimes somewhat tough acclimation period in which they are shy and skittish, become very attached to the keeper and provide decades of enjoyment.

All Datnioides species grow to 30-40 cm in size. Some prefer brackish water, others soft and acidic freshwater. Still others – D. campbelli is one of these – can do both and take it as it comes. D. campbelli is restricted in its distribution to the island of New Guinea. There it lives in the south-central part in two states, the province Papua belonging to Indonesia and the independent Papua New Guinea. Most of its finds are in the lower reaches of rivers, where it is often brackish, but it has also been caught far above the tidal influence. Due to its bright golden-yellow tiger coloration (all other Datnioides species are silver to ivory with black bands), D. campbelli is easy to identify by color, but capable of extremely rapid color changes. Disturbed animals become deep dark brown in a flash. Currently our animals are 7-9 cm long.

For basic care of such tiger perches see https://www.aquariumglaser.de/en/general/datnoides-quadrifasciatus-2/

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer