Elassoma evergladei

6. November 2023

The Pygmy Sunfish, Elassoma evergladei, is a classic dwarf fish and has been maintained and bred for many generations of aquarists. The species is best housed in a small species aquarium that does not require heating.

The cute fish, growing only 2-3 cm, are completely peaceful, however the males defend an individual area against conspecifics. Then they turn pitch black. Males and females are distinguished by the shiny spots on the body flanks, which only the males exhibit. Neutrally mooded, suppressed or frightened males take on female coloration, i.e. a light brown. Unfortunately, males sometimes predominate in number in a brood and there is then only one female for every 50-60 males.

Originally the dwarf sunfish comes from North America. The species name suggests it: first it was found in the Everglades. But today it is known that the species is widely distributed in the southwestern USA. Regarding pH and hardness the species is insensitive, although the animals often look better in slightly acidic water. Only frozen and live food is eaten, dry food is usually rejected by these animals.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer