Enigmatochromis lucanusi

24. March 2023

After many years we received again this beautiful pastel colored dwarf cichlid from Guinea. Only in 2009 the species, which belongs to a group of species popularly also called king cichlids, was scientifically determined, before it was known in the hobby as “Pevicachromis sp. aff. roloffi Blue Fin”. The females of this species show – uniquely among all the king cichlids of West Africa – a neon blue shining dorsal fin. Additionally a black spot decorates this fin. 

The males look completely different in color. In them, the upper half of the caudal fin and the soft-rayed part of the dorsal fin have many spots. Both sexes usually have a dark longitudinal band.

Like all species of the king cichlids formerly grouped under Pelvicachromis, Enigmatochromis lucanusi is a cave-breeder with a biparental brood care, the female being more concerned with care of the spawn and larvae, the male more concerned with territorial defense. When the young swim free and leave the breeding cave, both parents care for the offspring equally.

Enigmatochromis lucanusi is one of the most peaceful dwarf cichlids and is well suited for keeping in community aquariums with smaller tetras, barbs, killifishes and catfishes of the region. Males grow to a maximum length of 8 cm, females to a maximum length of 6 cm. When setting up, make sure the aquarium contains sandy bottom at least in places. Otherwise the aquarium for Enigmatochromis lucanusi should be well planted and contain a lot of dead wood and dead leaves. For breeding the animals need soft and slightly acidic water, for normal care this is not necessary.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer