Guianacara dacrya

17. April 2020

The genus Guianacara currently comprises seven described species, all of which originate from the Guiana shield in South America. The genus was only established in 1989 and only one species – G. geayi – was known before; Pellegrin described it in 1909. From this one can already conclude that the species look quite similar. Before the genus Guianacra was established, the only known species G. geayi was listed in the genera Aequidens and Acarichthys. The aquarists who were lucky enough to get such animals speculated even then whether the different “colour forms” might not be independent species after all. Guianacara dacrya was described in 2011 and originates from the tributaries of the rivers Rio Branco and Essequibo.

Apart from minor anatomical differences, the species differ mainly in their colouring. This makes a determination quite difficult, because there are only a few cichlids that change their coloration as drastically as the Guianacara species, and that within seconds! The determination of our G. dacrya, which we are currently able to offer, was nevertheless easy, because they are bred ones and the breeders of such “special fish” usually know exactly which species they are looking after.

Guianacara are high backed, medium sized cichlids (12-15 cm), which reproduce as cave breeders with parent family. For cichlid conditions they can be considered peaceful, as cave breeders they do not dig excessively and plant food is not on their menu. This makes them ideal cichlids for larger community aquariums.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer