Hemichromis sp. ,,Ankasa”

18. July 2022

We have received very nice offsprings of this attractive red jewel cichlid (Hemichromis). The animals are 4-6 cm long at the moment and thus just at the border to sexual maturity. Fully grown they are with about 10 cm. Then they are much more high-backed and have a splendid red coloration, which is only indicated at the moment. 

A special characteristic of this species, which was found around 2001 in western Ghana by traveling aquarists and brought back – since then it is in continuous breeding – is the broad stripes with green-golden bands on the face, while shiny spots on the body – the so-called iridiophores – are largely absent. Of the scientifically described species, Hemichromis sp. ,,Ankasa” most closely resembles H. paynei.

The care and breeding of Hemichromis sp. ,,Ankasa” is easy and successful even for beginners. Red cichlids can become nasty (but they don’t have to, some individuals are also lamb-like). The rule is: the larger the aquarium, the less aggressive the fish behave towards tankmates. However, if the animals have young, they are not to be trifled with. Therefore, the care in a species aquarium is absolutely preferable to the care in a community tank. Water composition is irrelevant for these fish and they will eat any common ornamental fish food. Plants are not damaged, unless they are in the way of the breeding preparations. Spawning is done on solid objects (stones, roots) in an open-breeding manner, both parents take care of spawn and fry together. The water temperature should be around 24°C, for breeding 2-3°C higher.

For our customers: the animals have code 536913 on our stock list. Please note that we supply only wholesale.