Rubricatochromis sp. Neon

13. December 2023

If aquaristics were exclusively about colors, there would hardly be any need for species other than Rubricatochromis. The “Neon” is probably a breeding form created by crossing and selection, in which the blue iridescent spots, which most red jewel cichlids have, are combined to form larger areas. In terms of body shape, Hemichromis sp. Neon are most likely to be assigned to the species R. guttatus.

But it’s not just about color. Unfortunately, the red jewel cichlids have a characteristic that many aquarists don’t like at all: they are unpredictably aggressive. This characteristic is individual. Some animals are lamblike, others can become real tyrants in the aquarium.

But the truly incredible coloration and wonderful family life of these cichlids make it well worth taking the risk!

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer