Julidochromis marlieri

8. June 2022

The julies (Julidochromis) belong to the most popular cichlids from Lake Tanganyika. They are very beautiful, colorful and comparatively peaceful animals. Of course, for reproduction territories are formed and defended against other fish. All Julidochromis are recommendable aquarium fish, there is a suitable species for every aquarium. The largest is J. marlieri, of which we can offer just magnificent, almost adult animals of 7-10 cm length. The maximum length of the species given in literature is just under 15 cm (including tail fin). 

Julidochromis marlieri are mostly monogamous, but there are also polyandrous females, which live in polyandry. In this case, the males defend the spawning territory (usually a rock crevice or the like) and the female swims the territories and occasionally spawns with one or the other male.

Here you find a video of our fish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqLZw1h7foA

For our customers: The fish have code 538304 on our stock list. Please note that we only supply wholesale.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer