Microctenopoma ansorgii

5. May 2020

We have very nice and stable wild catches of the Orange Bushfish from the Congo in our stock. The bubblenest-building species grows to about 6-8 cm, currently the animals are 3-4 cm long. 

The Orange Bushfish is a very interesting species. It becomes already half grown and sexually mature. With increasing age the fish becomes more highbacked. Males and females are best distinguished by the shape of their ventral fins. The ventral fins of the females are considerably shorter. Other fin development is also lower in females, but males of lower social rank can reduce dorsal and anal fin development, which makes them look similar to females and reduce their exposure to attacks by dominant males. However, the ventral fins always betray them.

The colour change ability is phenomenal. Neutrally mooded animals are reddish-brown with a greenish shimmer, dark vertical bandages run over the body. Sometimes the fish show a light longitudinal band along the entire body. With increasing excitement, the basic body colouring becomes brighter and brighter, the vertical bands appear intensively. The light red in the vertical fins is not affected by this colour change and can be seen well in every mood. 

The fish are cared for in tanks with a rich structure at temperatures between 20 and 24°C. Only for breeding the temperature should be increased by 2-3°C, then the water should be soft and slightly acidic. Microctenopoma ansorgii is a bubblenest builder, the reproduction is similar to that of paradise fish.

It is important to know that these fish have a high feed requirement. They are not particularly demanding, but frost and live food is preferred.

For our customers: the animals have code 115501 on our stocklist. Please note that we only supply the wholesale trade.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer