Mugilogobius mertoni

14. September 2022

The genus Mugilogobius comprises 33 species. The determination of living specimens is often uncertain, because the anatomical features (especially certain sensory pits), which show quite clearly in formalin preserved animals, are not recognizable in the living fish. Since there is hardly any picture material of surely determined animals, doubts often remain. Since the species reproduce via larval stages living in the sea, the origin is also not a good criterion for identification. However: one species, which we could import from Indonesia for the first time, matches very well with Mugilogobius mertoni.

Mugilogobius mertoni grows about 6 cm long, males grow larger than females. They live very often in brackish water and can even be found in the sea, but there are also records from pure fresh water. Thus, it is a euryhaline species that copes well with widely varying salinity. It is important with such fish in the aquarium that the pH is not too low, usually they show discomfort at pH values below 8. The entire distribution area covers the Indo-Pacific region from South Africa and the Seychelles to Japan, Pakistan, the Indo-Malay Archipelago, New Guinea, New Caledonia, Vanatu, Australia and the Santa Cruz Islands. Our animals come from Indonesia.

They are very attractive fishes, which should be kept in aquariums rich in hiding places. As with other Mugilogobius the males are constantly up to quarrels, which are harmless in all rule, but one should give possibly stressed, inferior animals nevertheless the possibility to withdraw. 

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer