Osphronemus goramy gold and albino

24. July 2023

Labyrinth fishes are among the most important ornamental fishes in the world. Their often bright colors and varied behavior make their care very rewarding. Most species also remain small, only very rarely exceeding the 10 centimeter mark. The exception are the giant gouramis (Osphronemus), of which there are four accepted species. They are not only a bit bigger than the other labyrinths, but they are really big: such an “underwater piggy” measures between 45 and 70 cm when fully grown.

The comparison with our popular carving supplier is not so far out of the air. Like the pig, the giant gourami Osphronemus goramy loves warm, nutrient-rich water, eats like a barn thresher without being particularly picky, and tastes equally delicious boiled or fried. As a labyrinth fish, it can survive in oxygenless water, in which case it uses its auxiliary respiration, making it a prime market fish. O. goramy therefore became an early domesticated animal of man and is now widely distributed throughout South and Southeast Asia. 

Less well known is that there has long been a yellow (xanthoristic) and an albino breeding form. Both are also kept as ornamental fish in ponds in their native countries, because they are so undemanding. In our country they are of course only suitable for large and show aquariums, the water temperature must not drop below 15°C, otherwise there is a risk of disease and death.

At the moment we have some juveniles of both breeding forms in the stock. Among themselves juvenile giant gouramis are quite incompatible. Only after sexual maturity (at 20-25 cm) this changes, from then on they are very friendly with each other. Giant gouramis are bubble nest builders, producing several 10,000 young per brood.  The brood care takes over, as usually with labyrinth fish, the papa. External sex differences are unknown, however it seems that it is the males that get the typical nutcracker face, while the ladies keep a “normal” physiognomy.

For our customers: Albino has code 440915, Gold 440913 on our stock list. Please note that we supply only wholesale.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer