Satanoperca sp. aff. jurupari “Tapajos”

4. January 2021

Some of the earth-eaters of the genus Satanoperca have frightening names (Satanoperca = devil-perch, Jurupari = devil, Daemon = demon, Lilith = the bride of the devil), but there are only few cichlids that are as peaceful and harmless as they are. The most important thing they need in an aquarium is a part of the bottom with sand. Then they have fun and dig around in it all day long. Like children in a sandbox, but enough with the humanization. For an explanation of the devilish names see here: (in German only, sorry).

Satanoperca jurupari grows up to 20 cm long. The animals are widespread in South America. They live in groups over sandy areas and are therefore territorial for a short time only during the breeding season. As ovophile, biparental mouth-breeders (i.e. both parents take the eggs into the mouth immediately after spawning) they defend the spawning place only for a few hours. Because of the wide distribution and because the animals look a little different everywhere, they are best named in the hobby with place of origin. The type locality of S. jurupari is the mouth of the Rio Negro into the Amazon (below Manaus). 

We have currently very beautiful Juruparis of the population from the Rio Tapajós as offsprings in stock.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer