Symphysodon “Super Red Turqoise”.

31. August 2022

The Red Turquoise lines were among the first breeding forms of the Discus Cichlid, developed in the 1980s. Aquaristics had reached the point where wild-caught Brown/Blue Discus could be considered “cracked”. So one mastered their successful acclimation and breeding. Since wild-caught discus turn out very inconsistently – between simply brown and completely blue streaked animals (Royal Blue) everything is possible within the same population – in the next step one wanted to selectively breed the fish that were considered particularly attractive. By selective mating of Royal Blue discus with animals, which had as much red as possible in the body ground coloration, the Red-Turquoise discus were created. Until today many people consider this discus breeding form as one of the most beautiful discus at all.

Also red-turquoise discus are bred nowadays in large numbers in the discus breeders of Asia. They have remained the most „wild typed“ compared with the other Asian breedings.

For our customers: the “Super Red Turqoise” in size 5-7 cm as on the photos have code 715102 on our stocklist. Please note that we only supply wholesale.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer