Trichogaster leerii Wild

30. June 2017

For the first time we obtained wild collected pearl gourami from Thailand. This is worth mentioning for several reasons. First, it is very ambigously discussed in the scientific literature wether the species occurs in Thailand at all; twice: the wild populations of the pearl gourami are declining terryfing fast, for the species is strictly adopted to blackwater (collecting the fish for or the trade has no impact on natural populations); and finally we have even good informations where the fish were collected. They originate from Narathiwat province near the city of Su-Magi Kolok. At this place usually the glass catfish (Kryptopterus vitreolus) is collected.

Initially the new arrivals looked very similar to their bred cousins. But a closer look showed an interesting difference: in the wild females the back has almost not pearl-spots! Currently the fish are something larger than half-grown (6-8 cm).

For our customers: the fish have code 469513 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade.