Uaru fernandezyepezi

7. July 2023

In the Rio Atabapo in Venezuela, from which Uaru fernandezyepezi originates, it is already some weeks closed season, i.e. no fish may be caught there. The beautiful Uaru fernandezyepezi, which we can offer at the moment, are therefore the last specimens of the current season. 

There was a time when people hardly dared to import Uaru fernandezyepezi. Rio Atabapo is a blackwater river with very low pH (around 4.5) and hardly detectable hardness, therefore very low in bacteria. And it is very warm (28-30°C). Against bacterial contamination (e.g. of the transport water), cooling down (e.g. in the comparatively “cold” Bogota, over which almost all international flights pass) and also against very hard water, Uaru fernandezyepezi is extremely sensitive, at least in the acclimation phase. But fortunately these problems are solved in the meantime and there are very well kept animals of this beautiful cichlid. 

We can offer just two sizes: 12-15 cm, with some animals still showing remnants of the brightly spotted child coloration, and 14-17 cm. As fully adult these animals are considered with about 25 cm. Similar to Discus, with which they are closely related, Uaru are almost schooling fish outside the breeding season, at least they like to swim in a troop with their peers. Adult Uaru are largely vegetarians and prefer to eat soft plants. They are peaceful, almost shy fish, which should not be kept together with rough large cichlids, to which they have nothing to oppose.

For our customers: the animals have code 688405 (12-15 cm) and 688406 (14-17 cm). Please note that we only supply wholesale. Only a few animals available!

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer