Caridina multidentata Orange and Snow

5. January 2024

The Amano shrimp, Caridina multidentata (formerly: C. japonica) is the most popular of all aquarium shrimps. However, it is only available seasonally from wild collections. However, as there is a year-round demand, the species is bred on a large scale. For German offspring, see here:

When animals are bred, sooner or later color or physical deviations always occur. In the case of the Amano shrimp, two new colors have been created, namely Orange and Snow. Both are becoming increasingly popular. In terms of care, they do not differ from the original form, only in terms of color. Incidentally, you should not be disappointed when you unpack the animals at home. When excited, the color cells contract and the shrimps look like the parent form. But this changes shortly after acclimatization.

For our customers: Orange has code 481509, Snow 481507 on our stock list, please note that we only supply wholesale.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer