Cherax quadricarinatus

12. July 2023

Among the numerous Cherax species Cherax quadricarinatus, also known as Australian red claw crayfish, occupies a special position. It has been propagated as edible crayfish in aquaculture for decades and was therefore one of the very first Cherax species available for aquaristics. 

Cherax quadricarinatus belongs to the largest representatives of its genus, males can reach up to 30 cm in length. Females always remain somewhat smaller. The sexes can be distinguished, as in all Cherax species, by the sexual openings (gonopores) on the walking legs. In females the gonopores are located on the 3rd, in males on the 5th pair of walking legs. This is the best form of sex determination, especially in young animals. In adults it is easier because only males develop the red blisters on the outside of the scissor finger.

Even though Cherax quadricarinatus is one of the largest species: it is also one of the most peaceful. Certainly the selection for keeping in aquaculture has also contributed to the fact that these crayfish – unlike many other crayfish species – are absolutely compatible even with each other and usually do not even damage each other when they are freshly skinned and still butter soft.

In the trade are usually the 3-5 cm long juveniles, which are pretty light blue in color. With age the animals become darker, we also attach two pictures of adult animals to the post, which show how they look then.

For our customers: the animals have code 481401 on our stocklist. Please note that we only supply wholesale.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer