Cherax sp. Blue Moon

25. November 2014

obtain a number of very beautiful species of the genus Cherax from
New-Guinea. One of them is the “Blue Moon”, which is not yet determined
on a scientific basis. The legs are bright blue and the carapax is of a
deep midnight blue. The outer ridge of the claw is bright yellow-orange –
this is the moon. In males, there is a kind of bubble in the moon which
is lacking in females. The females can be recognized also by the
smaller claws and the broader abdomen. Another, species-specific feature
is the broad, bright yellow-orange stripe on the fan of the tail.

Blue Moon attains a maximum length of about 10 cm and is suited very
well for the keeping and breeding in aquaria. One should keep in mind
that these animals feed mainly on plant materials. So, dead leaves
collected in autumn should form the main part of the diet of the
animals. For many of them the leaves of cherry trees are a real delicacy
and the menue should also always contain oak leaves as a prevention of
fungus diseases. Each individual crayfish needs a shelter on its own.
Despite the fact that Cherax species are comparably peaceful against
conspecifics, cannibalism may happen (especially after the moulting) if
not enough hiding places are extant.

water chemistry is of little meaning for these crayfish. The pH can be
between 6 and 8 (even a little more or a little less), water temperature
between 18 and 28°C. Cherax species are mainly active during dawn
light, so an expensive and costly strong illumination is not necessary.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer