Mustang shrimps arrived!

26. January 2015

the first time we can offer the very pretty, black-and-white “Mustang
Shrimp”. The dwarf shrimps belong – according to the “godfather of dwarf
shrimps”, Werner Klotz – to the species Paracaridina zijinica.
Regarding keeping and breeding they do not differ from the well known
dwarf shrimp “Crystal Red”.

the way: this species of dwarf shrimp, the Crystal Red, which is the
first dwarf shrimp that appeared in the market at all, finally has been
described scientifically under the name of Caridina logemanni Klotz
& van Rintelen, 2014, named in honor for the brothers Logemann, well
known dwarf shrimp breeders.

in the very same work, the also very well known Tiger Shrimp has been
named as Caridina mariae Klotz & van Rintelen, 2014, dedicated to
the wife of Werner Klotz, Maria.

our customers: Paracaridina zijinica has code 485388 on our stocklist.
Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade.

Klotz, W. & T. van Rintelen (2014):
To “bee” or not to be – on some ornamental shrimp from Guangdong
Province, Southern China and Hong Kong SAR, with descriptions of three
new species. Zootaxa 3889 (2): 151-184

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer