Tylomelania sp. “Pure Orange”

27. October 2009

Lake Poso on Sulawesi (formerly: Celebes) is not only home of beautiful dwarf shrimps, but also of large relatives of the well-known Malayan livebearing snail (Melanoides tuberculata). The brash colour of the body is really astonishing.

Species of Tylomelania do not feed on algae, but on detritus. Thus some muddy corners in the tank are an absolute must have, otherwise the snails are starving. There are males and females in Tylomelania, but the sexes cannot be distinguished by external features. All species of Tylomelania are livebearers.

Tylomelania should be kept at high temperatures (26-28°C) and a pH between 7.5 and 8.5.

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Tylomelania: from ancient Greek ” Melania wird calluses”. Melania is another genus of snail. Melanoides: from ancient Greek “similar to Melania”. Melania is another genus of snail. tuberculata: Latin “with small humps”.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer