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22. June 2023

ZZF publishes expert opinion on positive list

Today, the ZZF published its commissioned “Expert Opinion on the Legal Admissibility of the Introduction of a National Positive List for Pets”. The expert opinion, prepared by Prof. Dr. Dr. Tade M. Spranger of the University of Bonn, unequivocally proves that a positive list for pets would be illegal and would violate international law, EU law and the German constitution.

The expert opinion is freely available in German and English on the website

Prof. Spranger states in his 167-page report that although stricter measures for the protection of animals are permissible in principle, a national positive list would be a violation of international law. Moreover, the introduction of such a list in EU law would be a violation of the free movement of goods, among other things. A positive list also violates fundamental rights such as freedom of occupation and the general right of personality. Such interventions are not compatible with the principle of proportionality.

In view of the currently louder voices on the introduction of positive lists or political developments such as in Spain, the expert opinion is of great importance for the German, European and international pet industry.

More information can be found here: (in German)