05. Eels (3)

  • Gymnothorax polyuranodon

    22. September 2017

    This is the only real freshwater species of moray: Gymnothorax polyuranodon. Usually this species is not found over 30-40 km away from the coast, but most often in pure freshwater. The other salt tolerant species of moray, for example Gymnothorax tile, usually do not leave the tidal zone. We could import this only very rarely […]

  • Ophichthus apicalis

    Ophichthus apicalis

    16. September 2014

    Eels (in the scientific sense) are usually no ornamental fish. But there is a greater number of species than one expects, and many of them are used for human consumption. We were able now to import a species of eel from Vietnam that was to the best of our knowledge never imported before alive: Ophichthus […]

  • Strophidon sathete

    Strophidon sathete

    7. April 2010

    For the first time now we have some specimens of the largest moray eel of the world in stock: Strophidon sathete. This species originates from brackish water regions. They inhabit the very same habitats (lower reaches of rivers) as the common freshwater moray, Gymnothorax tile. Both can be kept like scats or monos: they are […]