22. Spiny eels (19)

  • Synbranchus marmoratus

    22. February 2021

    Only very rarely marbled swamp eels from South America are available. After a quite long time we now have a number of juveniles from Peru in stock. The species attains a maximum length of about 1.5 m. These very large individuals are always males, because swamp eels change their sex. Most of them are born […]

  • Macrognathus siamensis Red Tail

    20. January 2021

    At the moment we can once again offer very beautiful – i.e. strongly colored – offsprings of a dwarf spiny eel, which is not yet precisely identified. It is offered under the name Macrognathus aculeatus, but for various reasons it will probably not be this species. It shows the most similarity to Macrognathus siamensis, because […]

  • Sinobdella sinensis

    2. October 2020

    For the first time we have obtained this highly interesting, small spiny eel. The species rarely grows larger than 20 cm and inhabits China and parts of Vietnam. According to its origin, care in unheated aquariums is recommended. In Sinobdella the dorsal, caudal and anal fins are fused together, in Asian spiny eels this is […]

  • Mastacembelus unicolor

    9. February 2018

    We import the beautiful fire eel, Mastacembelus erythrotaenia, on a regular basis from Indonesia, usually large specimens, 30-60 cm long. These fish are about as thick as a forearm. Most recently we obtained again four specimens, 50-60 cm long. However, two of them looked totally different. They lack completely the red stripes and spots which […]

  • Mastacembelus pantherinus

    17. August 2017

    Once more we were able to import an extemely rarely offered species of spiny eel, namely Mastacembelus pantherinus. In the internet this species is in general named M. dayi, but M. dayi has recently proofed to by a synonym of M. alboguttatus. Researcher Ralf Britz – he described, by the way, also M. pantherinus – […]

  • Macrognathus aculeatus

    18. April 2017

    Once more we obtained from India (Bengal) wonderful Eyespot Spiny Eels. The fish are of adult size and 12-15 cm long. The only complicated thing in this species is the scientific naming. The Eyespot Spiny Eel attains a maximum length of about 20 cm and ist one of the most colourful species of all spiny […]

  • Mastacembelus sp. „Nargis“

    17. March 2017

    We could import this new discovery – a spiny eel – for the first time now from Burma. Initially I thought it would be a member of the M.-armatus-group, but the specialist for spiny eels, Ralf Britz from Natural History Museum in London led me to the idea to take a closer look on the […]

  • Mastacembelus tinwini

    9. February 2016

    Sadly we can offer this beautiful species of spiny eel only very rarely. The species has been described scientifically quite recently. It is a close relative of the common spiny eel of Asia, Mastacembelus armatus. Like that species, M. tinwini reaches a length of about 40 cm. Other fish are ignored if they are large […]

  • Monopterus albinus

    27. August 2013

    The swamp- or rice-eels are strange-looking fish that become around 75 cm long. In their natural habitat they live deeply burrowed in the mud. These fish can survive even in almost oxygen-free water, because they own a lung that enables them to breath atmospheric air they take from the water surface. Swamp-eels are predators that […]

  • Mastacembelus erythrotaenia 40-45 cm arrived

    27. August 2013

    We received gorgeous, 40-45 cm long Fire Spiny Eels. These fish are real personalities and additionally they have splendid colours! As an exception we have included the photographer´s hand and fingertip in the pictures to give you an idea how large the fish really are. For our customers: the animals have code 426509 on our […]