Carassius auratus Goldfish Comet red

4. April 2024

Spring is approaching and with it the garden pond season. The simple goldfish breeding forms are best suited to this for a number of reasons, while high breeders (Oranda and Co.) have special requirements. But even with the “simple” forms – i.e. normal goldfish, comets, shubunkin and wakin – it is important to note that the water temperature in the pond for new purchases must be at least 15°C at all times, as these animals are bred in warm countries. Goldfish that have spent the summer and fall in the garden pond are completely winter hardy.

Due to the extremely complicated inheritance processes in goldfish, very different-looking specimens are produced within each brood. This is also the case with the red comet. Some look almost like normal goldfish (especially females), others have all their fins elongated into delicate veils. There are all imaginable intermediate stages between these extremes. But regardless of whether they have strongly or less strongly elongated fins, whether there is a certain amount of white in their coloration or not – they are the fish of children and the mentally young at heart and have been giving people pleasure and relaxation for thousands of years. 

For our customers: Red comets in the size 10-12 cm have code 808004 on our stock list. Please note that we only supply the wholesale trade.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer