Fundulopanchax gardneri nigerianus

7. May 2024

Fundulopanchax gardneri nigerianus is one of the very few species of killifish that are regularly found in the trade. It is highly likely that many of the fish bred today still originate from the old strain from Akure in Nigeria, which was introduced to Denmark in 1957. In 1963 Clausen described Aphyosemion nigerianum scientifically on the basis of specimens collected in a swamp near Arum.

Nowadays, it is assumed that there are several subspecies of the species Fundulopanchax gardneri, which are represented in the hobby with different locality forms. Care should always be taken to breed these fish “unmixed”. The outwardly easily recognizable difference between nigerianus and other subspecies is the colouring of the anal fin. In nigerianus it is adorned with a red central band, the edge of the fin is yellow. In the other gardneri subspecies, this fin is dotted red and/or has no yellow edge.

This robust killifish is easy to care for and breed. Life expectancy is 2-3 years. The males are constantly engaged in rivalry with each other. These exhibition fights are basically harmless, but always lead to slight fin damage, which heals quickly without the need for treatment. The maximum size of the species is around 7 cm.

These fish should not be kept too warm (18-24°C) and they need plenty of food because they grow quickly. Well-planted aquaria with floating plants on the surface and dead leaves on the bottom ensure that the wonderful colors of the fish are shown to their best advantage.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer