Jupiaba anteroides – follow-up

8. March 2024

We recently introduced you to the Jupiaba anteroides from the Rio Cenepa in Peru, which we imported recognized for the first time (see: https://www.aquariumglaser.de/en/fisharchive/jupiaba-anteroides-2/) 

In the meantime, the few specimens still remaining with us have got into the mating mood and the males have taken on a quite astonishing mating coloration with a tomato-red belly. Unfortunately, this coloration fades immediately when the animals are brought into the photo tank, so for once we have documented this directly in the holding aquarium. We think the fantastic coloration of the fish fully compensates for the less attractive setup.

For our customers: the animals have code 209373 on our stocklist. Please note that we only supply the wholesale trade.

Text & Photos: Frank Schäfer