Parambassia lala

28. June 2024

The Indian glass perch (Parambassia lala, often placed in the monotypic genus Pseudambassis) is actually an old acquaintance (first introduction: 1905), but an incredible amount of nonsense has been and still is spread about it. For example, the rumor persists that the species is a brackish water fish. But it is not, it is only found in pure freshwater, where it lives in shoals. Due to confusion with other, similar species, it is also often claimed that P. lala grows up to 8 cm long. This is also wrong, P. lala never grows larger than 3-4 cm. 

The males of P. lala have beautifully bright blue, shining fringes in the dorsal and anal fins. When in breeding condition, three vertical black bars stand out clearly, which are otherwise often only indistinctly recognizable. Mating males turn a beautiful golden yellow and have orange tail fins, while the first dorsal fin turns a deep black. Care is easy, but P. lala does not eat dry food and must be offered frozen or live food. P. lala is completely peaceful with each other and with other fish.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer