Colisa chuna

14. October 2019

Colisa chuna

The coloration of the honey gurami, Colisa chuna, is unique among the freshwater fish of the world and also among the labyrinth fish, to which the honey gurami belongs. All other Colisa species have a pattern of vertical stripes, only the honey gurami has no such pattern. In neutral mood the animals are beige with a dark longitudinal band. Males in breeding mood, on the other hand, become bright orange on the body, the throat deep black and the dorsal fin lemon yellow. With regard to these striking colours, the honey gurami can certainly be counted among the most beautiful freshwater fish of all.

The honey gurami originates from India and Bangladesh. However, it is not as widespread there as the other members of the genus, which is probably the reason why the species was imported for aquaristics only in 1962. 

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer