Sinibotia robusta

26. June 2015

year in June is import season for Botia-like loaches from China. The
genus Sinibotia currently contains six species. The genus Sinibotia
differs from Botia by the presence of three pairs of barbel (two
maxillary, one mandibulary), while in Botia a fourth pair of barbels is
present on the lower lip.

robusta is also known as the Kansu loach. This comparatively peaceful
species is best kept at room temperature (18-24°C) without an additional
heater. Maximum size reported for that species is about 18 cm, but in
the wild most specimens become only 8-10 cm long.

our customers: the fish have code 405053 on our stocklist. Please note
that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade. Only very few specimens

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer