Yasuhikotakia (formerly: Botia) eos

17. June 2020

This beautiful and interesting loach, which can attain a maximum length of about 12 cm, originates from Thailand. This type of loach is said to be sometimes very aggressive. Y. eos is considered as one of the most aggressive species of all. However, in most cases this is a mistake of the keeper. Y. eos is an extremely social animal. As soon as a group has been put in a new tank they animals fight out a hierarchy. These fights are performed by strong pushes with the body and by producing loud clicking sounds. The dominant alpha animal can be recognized by the bright red fins. Inside the social group of these loaches hardly ever serious injuries appear; only the finneage becomes a bit tattered, but this recovers fast.

If this type of loach is kept in only small groups or as individual animals they try to get the social contact from other tankmates. All these loaches (genera Botia, Chromobotia, Sinibotia, Yasuhikotakia) have a razor-sharp, erectible, sickle-shaped thorn under the eye. If that thorn is used against other fish it can produce very serious injuries. So one should keep this type of loach always in larger groups of 8-12 individuals.

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Lexicon: Yasuhikotakia: Dedication name for the Japanese scientist Yasuhiko Taki. eos: after the Godess of dawn, due to the bright coloration of body and fins.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer