Rhodeus ocellatus

17. July 2014

the talk is about bitterlings one initially thinks for the European
Bitterling, Rhodeus amarus, which is currently banned in the UK. In
fact, there are more than 70 species of these fascinating brood
parasites that deposit their eggs in live freshwater mussels. We were
able now to import a species of bitterling from Hongkong that most
probably represents the species Rhodeus ocellatus.

males are extremely colorful and have the typical pimples on the snout
and above the eyes that are associated with the breeding season in so
many species of cyprinid fish of temperate zones. The females have a
dark spot in the dorsal fin and often show at least a small part of the
ovipositor that looks a bit like a worm.

can be kept in garden ponds (please make sure that they cannot escape
from there in the wild!) or in indoor aquaria. They do very well with
water temperatures up to 26°C, but of course no heater is needed to keep
these fish. Bitterlings are omnivorous fish that thrive very well with
flakes. In nature they feed mainly on algae.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer