Wakin Goldfish Hoe Kim

27. May 2013

One of the earliest sports that developed in goldfish is the double tailfin. Simple goldfish with a double tailfin are called Wakin.

Red-and-white pattern belongs to the most popular and most beautiful colour sports in goldfish. Red-and-white fish are called in general Sarasa. The Wakin Sarasa is also called Wakin Hoe Kim.

Wakin goldfish are completely frost-resistant. However, one should keep in mind that our fish have been bred in Asia and are currently used to temperatures between 18 and 22°C. One should keep them indoors until the water temperature in the garden pond has reached at least 16°C. When autumn comes the fish adapt problem free to the slowly sinking water temperatures.

Wakin goldfish become as large as the common goldfish, eg 15-20 cm as a rule and around 30 cm maximum length.

For our customers: the fish have code 808701 (4-6 cm) and 808702 (6-8 cm) on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Nachzucht / bred
Verfügbare Größe in cm 4-6