Aphyoditeinae gen. sp. Morse tetra

17. February 2023

The unusual term “Aphyoditeinae” is a collective term for small-sized tetra genera in the form of a subfamily, which could not be reasonably placed anywhere else. The world-renowned tetra specialist Jaques Géry introduced the term in 1972 in reference to the genus Aphyodite, but not as a subgenus, but as a vaguely defined term Aphyoditeini. The small Morse tetra, which is the subject here, is scientifically still undescribed. It has characteristics of many different genera, probably therefore even a new genus must be created for it. Until then, however, it needs a provisional name in the trade, because it must somehow be recorded in the merchandise management system. That’s why we decided to group it in Aphyoditeinae when it was first imported in 2006. Others refer to it as Hemigrammus or Brittanichthys sp. The very apt and catchy name Morse tetra has caught on with everyone.

This tiny, only 2 – 2,5 cm long growing fish is a very calm representative of the tetras. It comes from Peru, more detailed information is missing. Mostly it stands near a conspecific, the head slightly tilted downwards, and twitches now and then with the fins. Unnecessary movements are far away from him. That is why the Morse tetra is an ideal fish for small aquariums, so-called nano tanks. The care is easy and corresponds in all basic features to that of the Neon Tetra (Paracheirodon innesi). 

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer