Hyphessobrycon sp. Blue Red Peru

6. July 2007

Hyphessobrycon sp. Blau-Roter Perusalmler

Once again we could discover a new and very beautiful tetra at AQUARIUM GLASER several months ago. It should be another undefined tetra species (from Peru), probably a type of Hyphessobrycon. The fish were almost full-grown and the sexes rather sure to distinguish. We bought three pairs, which got used to our aquarium conditions without diffulties (approx. 10° dGH, pH 6.5-7, temp. 25°C). Within the following weeks of good feeding they were growing another few millimetres to a final size of 52-46mm (m-f). We could observe courting of both sexes almost every day. The shiny purple-blue body colouring with the yellowish head part and the red fins show to advantage in a not too much lighted aquarium. The colouring of the (belly-, anus- and tail-) fins of the females is more transparent-pink, while the colouring of the males fins can reach a bright intensive red. There are hardly any differences between the body colouring and form. The males show a (loose) territory behaviour, but there are no serious aggressions to other fish. Also the laying of the eggs was not long in coming in a separate 10l-breeding tank. The breeding caused a lot of problems, e.g. in the beginning the rate of coming out fish, then the first intake of food, finally an enormous proneness for water changes and -pollutions and extreme slow growth and development of (fin-) deformations if the breeding conditions are not optimal. Despite the partly frustrating experiences mentioned above, we continue trying to improve the “breeding rate” in order to keep this tetra at least in our aquariums.(Photos & Text von P. & M. Hoffmann)

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Peru