Leporinus ortomaculatus

21. June 2021

For the first time we can offer this pretty Leporinus, which was scientifically described only in 2000. Be careful not to confuse it with L. octomaculatus, because this is a completely different species; here the confusion of one letter has consequences! 

So far Leporinus ortomaculatus is known from the Rio Surumu, Roraima, Brazil and from the rivers Rio Caroni, Rio Caura and Orinoco to the Delta Amacuro in Venezuela. Our animals originate from Brazil.

Two peculiarities make Leporinus ortomaculatus especially interesting for aquarium care: first, the species remains small by Leporinus standards. The largest specimen known to date was 11 cm long, so it can be assumed that the fish will hardly become longer than 15 cm in the aquarium (as is well known, Leporinus are long-lived fish and will certainly become much older and thus larger in the aquarium than in the wild). And secondly Leporinus ortomaculatus belongs to the most peaceful of all Leporinus species. Although there is constant teasing and chasing among them, as it is so typical for Leporinus, there is not even any fin damage!

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer