Leporinus sexstriatus

8. March 2023

The species-rich genus Leporinus includes some quite large trout-sized species, which are therefore, despite their beauty, rather used as food fish than as ornamental fish. However, there are also species that remain small, such as Leporinus sexstriatus, which reaches only 10-12 cm.

This small Leporinus is a zoological rarity, because the species has only a small, remote distribution area. So far it has been found only in the Rio Papagaio (Mato Grosso) and in the Rio Juruena (one of the headwaters of the Tapajós) in Brazil. The price is still very high, but the breeding has already been successful, so we expect that this beautiful novelty will be available for many hobbyists in a few years.

At the moment we have one specimen of this treasure in our stock.

For our customers: the 6-8 cm long animal has code 265993 on our stocklist. Please note that we only supply wholesale.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer