Myloplus torquatus

21. January 2022

From Venezuela we received very nice Myloplus torquatus. The up to approx. 25 cm long species is scientifically known for a very long time (since 1858) and in the course of time it was already assigned to the genera Myletes and Myleus. A very good recognition feature is the black fringe in the caudal fin, a color feature that is not known so far in any other silver dollar species. However, small juveniles look completely different (see:

Our animals are currently about 7-10 cm long and are already beginning to differentiate sexually. The males develop a more extensive anal fin and the dorsal fin – compared to the dorsal fin of the females – takes on a broader, blunted shape.

Myloplus torquatus is widely distributed in tropical South America and is found in the basins of both the Amazon and Orinoco rivers.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer