Pyrrhulina laeta

16. February 2009

It is quite long ago that we were able to import this wonderful tetra. But now we can offer it again! Including the caudal fin the males can reach 12 cm in length. Males are generally larger than the females. A characteristical pattern for the species is the black line that extends to the level of the dorsal fin. The species originates from the upper and central Amazon river basin.

Systematically speaking this species is an enigma, as the type specimen is in a poor condition and only the hinder part of the specimen is extant. Thus it is possible that in the future our fish might be re-named.

In the aquarium Pyrrhulina laeta is an ideal tankmate for community tanks. It is very peaceful. However, tankmates must be not too small, otherwise they are taken as food. Only in breeding condition males defend their territory and might become a bit quarrelsome.

Like all its congereers P. laeta is a broodcaring species. The eggs (up to 500) are deposited on the top of a large leave. The male defends and cares for the eggs until they hatch.

Water temperature should be between 24-28°C, pH and hardness are of little importance. They feed readily on live, frozen and dry fishfood. Plants are neglected.

Text and Photo: Frank Schäfer

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Brasilien /Brazil
Verfügbare Größe in cm 10-12