Unusual ornamental fish bred in Indonesia 1: Leporinus arcus

20. October 2015

are many very successful breeders of ornamental fish in Indonesia.
These people are able to breed even species that have proven to be
unbreedable in hobbyists tanks for decades already. However, not all the
species that are used as ornamental fish are only ornamental. Many
species, for example Colossoma macropomum (Giant Pacu), the species
belonging to Lepisosteus and Atractosteus (gars and Alligator fish), or
Semaprochilodus (Flagtail characin) can be rather seen as
multiple-to-use fish. Juveniles are colourful, odd and beautiful; these
are kept and sold for aquaria. Adults are tasty and so become much
sought for food fish

arcus is also such a species. Initially the beautiful animal originates
in the Guianas and Venezuela. However, there are currently no
importations from the areas the species occurs. So there is definitely a
demand in the market for the species. And the ones that cannot be sold
as ornamental fish become grown up. The fish attains a length of about
40 cm and is a perfect one-person-portion-fish.

most other species of Leporinus this one is a perfect community fish
for larger cichlids, catfish etc.. Plant will be eaten radically, so it
is usually impossible to keep the fish in planted aquaria. Against
conspecifics these tetras can be quite quarrelsome. So it is best to
keep them either singly or in larger groups. In the latter case the tank
should have a lot of hiding places.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer