L24 has been described: Pseudacanthicus pitanga

26. June 2015

Another L-number has received a correct scientific description finally: L24. The beautiful orange finned cactus pleco from the Rio Tocantins is named now Pseudacanthicus pitanga. The specific name “pitanga” is from the Tupi-Guarini language and means “red” in allusion to the colour of the fins.

L24 wurde beschrieben: Pseudacanthicus pitanga

The scientific paper also discusses the risks of using this fish for the ornamental fish industry. The scientist states that this kind of use is
no danger for wild populations. The only real danger for Pseudacanthicus pitanga are hydroelectric dams that change the water body in a way that it is destroyed for fish that are specialized in fast flowing waters, like L24. However, due to the very wide distribution of P. pitanga in the Tocantins the species is currently not endangered at all.

L24 wurde beschrieben: Pseudacanthicus pitanga

Literature: Chamon, C. C. (2015): Pseudacanthicus pitanga: a new species of Ancestrini (SIluriformes: Loricariidae: Hypostominae) from rio Tocantins Basin, North Brazil. Zootaxa 3973 (2): 309-320

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer