Trachycorystes sp. WHITE SPOTS

31. August 2010

The genus Trachycorystes currently comprises three described species. In the aquarium hobby so far only T. trachycorystes appeared. For this up to 45 cm long species, please see

Recently we received a 25-30 cm long specimen from Peru with an unique coloration: white, irregular spots on both sides of the body! It is unknown to us if this fish represents another species than T. trachycorystes or a mere colour variety of the latter.

When I intended to photograph the animal, I tried to bring it in a better position by using an aquarium net. Now something exceptional happened: the fish attacked the net and bit in it! This hardly ever happens in freshwater fish, one can find it very seldom in predatory tetras or in cichlids taking care for their brood. But even this is quite rare.

The teeth of Trachycorystes are placed in ribbon-like pads and are small, but pointed; so a bite can be quite painful.
For our customers: the fish has code 297958 on our stocklist. Please note that we eclusively supply the wholesale trade.
Lexicon: Trachycorystes: from ancient Greek, trachys meaning “rough” and korystes meaning “one armed with a helmet”


Text & photos: Frank Schäfer