Synodontis ocellifer

3. March 2015

is another catfish-beauty originating from Nigeria. Someone once said
that this species of Synodontis can be characterized by three
adjectives: peaceful, beautiful, and hardy. In fact S. ocellifer is one
of the most peaceful species of Synodontis at all. The maximum length of
S. ocellifer is about 20 cm. When they get older they become more and
more deep-bodied.

spots on the flanks differ individually in size and number. Also the
basic colouration varies from yellowish over several brownish tinges to
grey. Aged fishes often get a light center in the spots of the body what
makes them look especially attractive.

most members of the genus Synodontis this species is omnivorous. Plants
are not eaten usually, but one should be careful that eventual
tankmates are not too small. Otherwise they make be taken for food. This
Synodontis should be kept in groups (from 5 specimens upwards). Water
temperature should be between 22 and 28°C. Hardness and pH are almost
meaningless for keeping this squeaker, any tap water that is drinkable
can be used.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer