Akysis prashadi

4. February 2022

The range of small, peaceful catfishes from Asia is much smaller than from South America, but they do exist. Moth catfishes (Hara, Erethistes) for low flow aquariums and wasp catfishes (Akysis) for tanks with more flow are becoming increasingly popular.

Akysis get their name “wasp catfish” from the most famous species, Akysis vespa, whose sting with the poisonous pectoral fin spines really hurts. But also the other species (there are 24 accepted and scientifically described species so far) can sting nasty, therefore caution is required when catching them. But the small catfishes never attack actively!

Akysis prashadi belongs to the longest known species of the genus, the maximum 6-7 cm long fish was already scientifically described in 1936. It originates from Burma, where it lives endemically (i.e. only there) in the tributaries of Lake Indawgyi. Care is unproblematic, any common fish food is readily accepted. The animals like to bury themselves in fine sand, if the possibility exists. Akysis are egg layers, they do not practice brood care. Due to their origin the fish can be kept very well at room temperature, the temperature should not exceed 25°C permanently.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer