Bagrichthys macracanthus

26. August 2022

Bagrichthys macracanthus is a very interesting catfish from Southeast Asia (East Sumatra). This catfish reaches a maximum length of about 20 cm. In nature it lives in calm river sections. Among themselves, especially the males are quite incompatible, in pairs or in groups of a male with a surplus of females maintained, however, the species gets along quite well with conspecifics. Sexually mature animals (from about 15 cm) can be sexually differentiated very well, because the males have an unusually long, penis-like urogenital papilla; in females the urogenital papilla is small and inconspicuous. But even in younger animals, females can already be easily recognized by their taller body shape. Juveniles up to about 5 cm in length are not yet pure black, but have light colored bands (see

Bagrichthys macracanthus – in the trade they are called “Black Lancers” – are peaceful towards fishes of other species, but tankmates should not be much smaller than about a quarter of the length of the Black Lancer, otherwise they could end up as food. Bagrichthys macracanthus is nocturnal and needs cave hiding places during the day to feel comfortable. For feeding the animals leave their hiding places also during the day. Every usual fish food is eaten. The chemical composition of the water is unimportant, the water temperature should be between 24 and 28°C.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer