Corydoras sp. CW113

15. March 2023

Just as indeterminate sucker catfishes (Loricaridae) receive L and LDA numbers, indeterminate armored catfishes (Corydoras) receive C and CW numbers. The very first C-number assigned was given in 1992 by Werner Seuß to a Corydoras from the upper Rio Negro (Rio Icana). This fish is remarkable in many ways, but the most striking is: there are hardly two specimens with identical coloration! Somewhat later, in August 1993, Warren E. Burgess described this fish in TFH as Corydoras incolicana, not noticing that it was the same species as C1 (he had Seuss’ book, we know).

The case of CW113 is quite similar. This beautiful, long-snouted corydoras is overall very similar to C. incolicana, but originates from the Rio Meta, i.e. the Orinoco drainage. It has received two CW numbers: CW113 and CW182, because the fish look so different. And maybe CW90, which however originates from the border area of Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil at the Rio Negro (i.e. Amazonas drainage), also belongs to this species, in any case our current import of CW113 from the Rio Meta also includes animals that look very similar to CW90.

The most important difference between CW113 and Corydoras incolicana is the expression of the spot on the back just below the dorsal fin. This is also one of the most constant color characteristics of both species. Here C. incolicana normally shows a horizontal bar, which often extends over the entire width of the dorsal fin base, CW113 only a relatively small, round spot. Typical for both Corydoras species is the eye band, which extends only to the upper edge of the eye, but unites on the top of the head, so that with a little imagination the impression is given that the fish have a beret on. Corydoras incolicana usually has an unmarked caudal fin, in CW113 the caudal fin is usually clearly banded. However, it must unfortunately be stated that with individual specimens of unknown origin it will not always be possible to assign them without doubt to one or the other species, so similar are C. incolicana and CW113.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer