Corydoras treitlii

8. February 2023

The long-nosed Corydoras treitlii from the lower Amazon – specimens caught for export mostly come from the Belem area – is one of the real rarities in the trade, although the species is one of the longest known armored catfishes. It was scientifically described already in 1906.

With over 7 cm maximum length C. treitlii belongs to the larger Corydoras species. Nevertheless it is genus-typical peaceful and fits into every larger, well maintained community aquarium. You should offer the animals at least in places soft, fine sand as substrate. Incidentally, there are duplicate species from the upper Amazonian drainage (Madre de Dios in Peru and Rio Purus in Brazil), the latter of which has been assigned C number 78.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer