Coyrdoras paleatus wild

16. July 2021

Only very rarely we receive wild collected Corydoras paleatus. Imports of this species, which is widespread in southern South America, didn´t appear for more than 10 years, because many export stations in southern Brazil had to close down when some of the most important ornamental fishes of the region were forgotten on the Brazilian positive list, which regulated which species could be caught and exported as ornamental fish. Now a negative list is in effect, meaning that all species may again be caught and exported unless they are specially protected.

This veteran among the aquarium fishes was already bred in 1878 by the Parisian aquarium pioneer Pierre Carbonnier, outside France the species is available since 1893. Since then there have always been offspring and also various breeding forms (long-finned, albino etc.) are always available in the trade. 

For our customers: the wild caught species have code 239553 (lg) and 239554 (xlg) on our stocklist. Please note that we only supply wholesale.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer