Hypostomus sertanejo

26. October 2022

For the first time we can offer this very nice Hypostomus from the Rio Jaguaribe (Cerea State, Brazil). It is a species that was described scientifically only in 2017, although 19 specimens of this species were found in the scientific collection of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, U.S.A., which had been collected and deposited there by R. von Ihering already in about 1936. Sometimes it takes a little longer…

Hypostomus sertanejo becomes about 20-25 cm long. It is a typical representative of its genus and a diligent algae exterminator. The nice juvenile markings with large white spots remain for a long time, even about 10 cm long specimens still show them. In fully adult fish the spots are much smaller. Our animals are currently 4-5 cm long and very lively little fellows, which are active also during the day a lot in the aquarium. Among themselves they are peaceful, and also against other fish no aggressive behavior is to be expected. In nature, the fish lives in clear water, the bottom consists of boulders and sand, sometimes with underwater vegetation. Fish species, with which the species lives together in nature, are e.g. Parotocinclus jumbo (LDA25), Moenkhausia costae and Tetragonopterus argenteus.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer