LDA25 Parotocinclus jumbo

12. July 2021

The Pitbull Pleco (Parotocinclus jumbo, formerly Hypostominae gen. sp.) was one of the most popular small sucking catfishes until about 10 years ago. Then it was accidentally forgotten on the list of Brazilian ornamental fishes allowed for export. Since then, it has only been around in breeder circles. This species, very common in the wild, was one of the most important export fish in southern Brazil. Almost all exporters had to close their farms when the export of the Pitbull Pleco was no longer possible. 

Now the situation has changed fundamentally, from Brazil all fish may be exported again, if they do not enjoy protection status due to a special situation. And finally we have received the first Pitbull Plecos again. Still a lot of lost infrastructure has to be rebuilt, the bad corona situation in Brazil, combined with extreme flood events does not make this easier, but we expect that in the future Pitbull Plecos (LDA25) will be seen regularly in the trade again.

For all who have forgotten or do not know it yet: This is a very peaceful, sociable fish that should definitely be kept in groups. The substrate should consist of fine sand at least in places, as the fish sometimes like to dig themselves in. Breeding is similar to that of Corydoras. P. jumbo does not practice broodcare. The males of the species are darker colored and slimmer. The normal size of this fish is 5-6 cm, but actually 8 cm giants of the species have been known.

For our customers: the animals have code 26480-LDA 025-2 on our stocklist. Please note that we supply only wholesale.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer