Lithodoras dorsalis

21. April 2021

The genus Lithodoras belongs to the thorny catfishes (Doradidae). There is only one species scientifically described, which has its distribution in South America: L. dorsalis, which inhabits the Amazon basin; in addition, the species was reported from a creek near Cayenne (French Guiana), but the latter occurrence still needs confirmation. The maximum length of L. dorsalis is given with about 100 cm, it is one of the largest thorny catfish species at all. 

We could import four Lithodoras catfishes now. Our specimens are 25-30 cm long, so probably young sexually mature. In contrast to many other thorny catfishes they are very active swimmers. Possibly they were caught on spawning migration, because in the two photographed animals (which by the way get along excellently and are good eaters) differ in the shape of the dorsal fin spine. The possible male has a dorsal spine whose shape is reminiscent of the shape of the dorsal fin spines of sexually active male dolphin catfish (Ageneiosus & Co.). But such indications are, by their nature, speculative. We feed our Lithodoras mainly with dry food (granules), which is eagerly accepted, plus Tubifex from time to time.

For our customers: the animals have code 266459 on our stocklist. Please note that we supply exclusively to wholesalers.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer